Aerial Real Estate Photography


Aerial photography provides potential customers a pictorial view of the exact location surroundings and orientation of the site or house of their dreams. Aerial photography provides that selling impact and helps you to have the best advantage in showing off your properties.


With your photography, now it’s never easier to design a compelling poster, brochure or flyer with a combination of aerial photographs. Now it’s even more important than ever to include a high quality aerial picture to boost the sales of your properties.

No, Google maps are not the same!  Google maps are fine for a general situation or a mediocre sale, but there is nothing like a real picture for your high end paying customers .

Heliflite Too, Inc. understands the business you’re in.  For this reason, we are very flexible with appointments, we know the surrounding areas well and we understand the weather patterns.  If the weather is not cooperating or it’s simply not the most appealing time of year – not to worry.

We are flexible enough to wait for the perfect time. No charge to you, with appropriate flexible cancellation notice.

If you are a homeowner and need photography, we will happily refer you to one of the numerous photographers that we work, with based on budget and location.

Most  photography can be digitally enhanced to reflect better conditions and colors.  Pictures can be enhanced to look warmer and brighter, while visual distractions can be smoothed over, allowing the important features to take center stage.

In the example below, a damaged roof can be digitally “repaired” to illustrate actual repairs that were planned and were later carried out.

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