Air to Sea Yacht Photography


Since 2004, we have been doing aerial photography from North Florida to the Turks and Caicos.

After a few thousand hours combined in different small helicopters, it became apparent that for the risk involved — flying in a low altitude at slow air speed over the water, in very close formation with millions of dollars of assets — that safety, as well as cost, had to be assessed. We compared 3 helicopters — the R22, the R44 and the Bell 206.  From all of those, the Robinson R44 is the best equipped to handle every yacht photography.

The Robinson R22 is too small and has a very small fuel capacity.  In order to do the required work, the pilot must often work at the max power limit available.

The Bell 206 is a fantastic machine,  but is exploitation cost (at least 2 times more expensive) is turbine that is fragile, temperature and power limited, is tail rotor system configuration limit is capacity to fly side-wise and backward, taxing on is possibility to be the best contestant for the job.

When Heliflight Too began business in 2006, Pascal decided after numerous requests from photographers, to provide uninterrupted Aerial photography services.  In 2011, a new R44 Clipper 1 was employed for best range, reliability and economy.

  • Fuel endurance is 3 hours with one Pilot, one 200 pound photographer and a light assistant.
  • Power is never a problem.  There is plenty of reserve fuel.
  • The R44 has the best comportment in any flight configuration, side or rearward.
  • The pop-out float is an added safety feature in case of any problems over water.

Our price have been the same since 2008 at $550 per hour.  We work well with deadlines!


If you are a photographer and you have a request for aerial photo work or any over water photography project, contact us today. No job is too big or too small.  Project managers, editors, naval architects and surveyors regularly utilize our services to help accomplish their goals.

We work 24/7. Please see our Video Work and Mount Rental page.

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