Video Work and Mount Rental

Rent the ATM dual Gyro mount for only $250 per session or 8 hour day

  • Most aerial cameramen have told us handheld is not the solution for aerial film and video projects.
  • Sometimes you can get away with a quick handheld shot, but rarely do the weather conditions, helicopter motion and overall luck all converge at that moment when you are spending hundreds of dollars.
  • Instead of worrying about the next handheld shoot, you can now look forward to shooting with state-of-the-art, user friendly, stable equipment, and come back with awesome footage in half the time.
  • Just bring your camera, fix it on the mount and you are all set! And it’s legal, in the respect of the FAR.

We rent only when you use our aerial services.

The price includes everything for use of the mount except the helicopter usage fees and a secondary power backup system, available upon request, in case power from the helicopster drops off line.

You will be amazed by the results… it’s worth a test drive!

Advanced Traveling Mount Data

  • Maximum camera weight 12 pounds
  • Stabilization works if the camera weight is below the limit.
  • The ATM Gyro Platform is composed of: The Platform, Two KS-8 Tungsten Gyros, 2 Output, a Quik-Start-Inverter with Power Cable that plugs into the cigarette lighter on the helicopter.
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